Temporary Employment



WE PRIDE OURSELVES in our consistent success,  rendering expert outsourced staffing solutions to industry within the following South African sectors 

Temporary Staffing


We equip as well as manage contract staff- , temporary- and permanent key personnel for local and even global clients.

We specialise in the sourcing and therefore management of various labour needs ie warehouse labour, production staff, shutdown crew as well as administrative office staff.


Local businesses encountering labour legislation challengers have very successfully used our robust and established infrastructure to greatly reduce their human resource expenditures as well as -risks whilst raising staff morale and relations,- thus achieving  productivity goals  in great measure.


Companies in various categories seeking a partner specialized in local labour regulation and customs, are at a advantage- of accessing our human resource network with a large CV data base,- soon find that we have what is needed to meet their specific labour or staff needs.

This therefore means individuals or entrepreneurs are better geared to pursue the arena of business opportunity instead of burdened with having to be experts with labour laws, payroll, or interrelated legislative demands themselves. But rather makie use of our years of expert service to minimize staffing stresses and there can challenge their entire  focus on building a successful business.


As a result or valued clientele have reaped a huge competitive advantage being in a better position to focus all attention on  core business endeavours knowing they using human resource specialists,- guaranteeing increased productivity, labour stability and thus discipline with our sources hire. 

Being a registered and authorized labour facilitator employing company we undertake great care of the entire recruitment cycle, comprising -administration, payroll, enforcement of discipline, as well as compliance within statutory conditions such as deductions, monthly payments of PAYE, UIF as well as SDL. 

All staff members have benefit of Workmen Compensation combined with Un-employment Insurance benefits. 

Temporary Staffing Services in:



  • Civils as well as the Constructing Industry.

  • Electrical power generation and Engineering sectors.

  • Petrochemical and Manufacturing industries.

  • Transportation and Retail sectors.

  • Admin and Business banking sector.

This customer service we provides comprises the provision of blue collar , white collar as well as general labour for projects , shutdowns and seasonal work . And inaddition, we conduct all disciplinary hearings providing you with all necessary HR and legal guidance .

Our fees encompass the expense of complying with statutory demands such as personal protective equipment ( PPE ) needed.

We also deal with all statutory prerequisites and payments due in particular ie:


  • Leave provisions.

  • UIF, SDL as well as WCA.

  • Provident Fund contributions.

  • Bargaining Council Levies.

  • Garnishee orders et cetera . 



Benefits,- temporary staff for your company…



  • Free HR/IR Services

  • Labour unrest and strike support including contingency/ action plans

  • Wage negotiations with Unions and Bargaining Councils on your behalf

  • Chairing and overseeing Disciplinary hearings

  • Conciliation and Arbitration with the CCMA / Bargaining Councils.

  • We pay the workforce directly and onlyinvoice you for the labour contracted during the month, giving you 30 days to settle  the account, an initial saving of 60 days on your cash flow.  

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