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  • Provide assistance with the development of a Workplace skills plan, ( WSP ) as well as a Specialized Vocational Technical & Academic Training ( PIVOTAL ) Plan .

  • Present and submit the Workplace Skills Plan to the the right SETA .

  • Follow-through as well as make sure client is issued the correct reimbursements .

  • Develop and assist with Skills Development Committees ( if perhaps any ) quarterly .

  • Recommendation on the application of the appropriate Skills Plan .

  • Help with Discretionary Grants and other Grants/Projects available through the various Seta's .

  • Assist with the drafting of yearly Training program Reports ( ATR ) and consequently present the plan to the relevant SETA

  • Recommendations on the quality assurance pre-requisites such as established by the appropriate SETA PIVOTAL tranche reimbursments by relevant SETA .

  • Function as a contact party/go between ie. the employing company as well as the applicable SETA .

  • Function as a valuable source with references to every aspects of Skills Development and implementation .

  • Liaise with all and revelant / applicable govt divisions and/or associations so as to bring about the Clients reimbursements, if perhaps any .

  • Be of necessary assistance at Quarterly Training programs,- Committee Group meetings , in case of any.

Skills Development Facilitator Process

Range of Facilitator services include

  • BBBee Consultating as well as verification process .

  • Seta Accreditation Services

  • Seta Grant Applications

  • Employment Equity Consultation Services

  • Workplace Skills plans

  • Yearly Training Report Submission to relevant SETA's

  • General Skills Development Consultation

  • Apprenticeship as well as Learnership Management

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Applicable Learnership Programs

Skills Development Facilitation Services | SDF Service

Benefits using our skills facilitation for your BBBee Consulting


Notwithstanding the recent BBBEE legal guidelines as well as the arduous consumers needs , we fully understand the requirements for businesses and organizations to establish, & maintain good BEE levels as well as improving a existing clientele base, creating opportunities for tender bids and therefore being accountable Corporate Citizens.

Our main purpose is always to be of assistance to our clientele,- dealing with BBBEE as a limitation and thus turning it into a results-driven opportunity . Swift Skills Academy's consultation expertise are fundamental key components to ensure,- that you pro-actively attend to these kinds of significant changes within the fiscal time period,- which will be reviewed against newer codes and in so doing address acceptable BEE levels with strategic and good fiscal alignment .

Skills Development has grown into the most essential component with a weighing of 20 BBBee points .

At Swift skills Academy  we are able to provide Learnerships that you could opt to support,- allowing you to fully actualize adequate BBBEE scores and thus make the most use of notable income Tax Deductions.

This Skills Programme would be able to support 3 components of ones score card being as follows:


  • Enterprise Development

  • Skills Development

  • Socio-Economic Development 

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